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Dance Fitness: Can't stop

Rodney Bacho dancing on some train tracks

I've always been a "HAM!" As a little kid, I was like that monkey, whenever music played I was encouraged to DANCE! I was never forced, I just went out and did it! I enjoyed the praises, the entertainment and even the laughter.  I LOVED making people feel GOOD! That feeling NEVER left me. 

During grade school and into high school, I performed in school plays, sang in chorus, I was part of an acapella group, danced in Polynesian groups and Filipino folk dance groups.  I would hang out with my homies, well into the early morning hours, dancing in the garage, listening to break beats like,"White Lines," "Planet Rock," and freestyle music.  We did it because we LOVED it! Dancing was a fellowship for us. That feeling NEVER left me!

Into my adulthood, I was aware of keeping my health at optimum levels, part of the reason why I became an RN. Due to this awareness, I made working out my LIFESTYLE.  Even though I enjoyed tossing steel, participating in boot camp classes and anything that CHALLENGED me physically, dancing was always the MOST effective workout for me.  I noticed that I pushed harder, my eyes got wider, my energy levels SPIKED whenever BUSTA RHYMES, or Missy Elliott, or Usher was banging in my headphones.  I was gassed! Sweating so hard that I looked like I jumped in a pool.  I felt like a SUPERSTAR in the mirror!  That feeling NEVER left me!

So here I am, a professional and career-oriented adult, still wanting to DANCE any chance I get.  I'm not going to clubs or dancing until 3 am in my boys' garage, ( I have my own now LOL). I found the perfect FUSION of dancing and staying fit in the form of DANCE FITNESS.  How PERFECT IS THIS??  The feeling of being an entertainer, the feeling of imagining myself as a superstar performer and the feeling of fellowship from dancing, is all balled up in a PLETHORA OF FITNESS PROGRAMS.

As both student AND instructor, I have the ability to manifest my passion into an ACTIVE and HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.  I have the ability to change lives, influence healthy behaviors, lead as a positive example and STILL DANCE to Busta Rhymes! This feeling will NEVER leave me!

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