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A VIRTUOSO on the 1s and 2s

DJ Heyden Sensation at the turntables


Throughout my tenure as a dance fitness instructor, I've seen many DJ's try to infuse their style in the dance fitness world. Many have tried, but there are few who've fused the flow of LIVE mixing and transition of dance segments into something fluid as the MUSIC being played!

I first got a taste of DJ Heyden Sensation's skillz at a dance fitness event in Tampa. I've met my fair share of DJ's, but for the most part, it's been simple plug and plays with a playlist of songs with some cool transitions to the next. Nothing extraordinary. So I had no reason to get excited, I just was hoping he received my songs for the event.

Being the nice guy that I am, I introduced myself. RODBULL RULE OF THUMB: Be friends with your DJ and treat them like people who prepare your food! Getting to know him, hearing his story, why he wants to break into the dance fitness industry and so on. The ONE THING that stood out in our conversation was that he was going to MIX REALTIME between each song!! WHAT????? For those of you not familiar with this concept that means that the instructor HAS TO KNOW how to improvise on the FLY! Basically, freestyle until you hear and catch the segment of your song to START and END the routine. Continue to FREESTYLE if you hear the DJ start scratching or prolonging the hook or verse or bridge while he does his THANG!! I WAS TOTALLY STOKED!!! This meant that I actually had to DANCE. I had to FEEL the song, FEEL the transitions, BE TOTALLY IN SYNC with the DJ! DOOOOOOOOPPPPEEEEEEE

Like times of old, THE DJ controlled the party! For those of you who aren't schooled in the history of HIP HOP. THE DJ was the LIFE of the party, not the MC nor the breakers. When it was MY TIME to lead the room, I was back in my ELEMENT, I was DANCING, and my homie DJ HEYDEN SENSATION was at the DRIVER'S seat the ENTIRE NIGHT.

Needless to say, we've been keeping in touch since then. He even was my DJ for my birthday dance fitness event that I shared with another homie of mine, Danny D out of O'town!

DJ Heyden Sensation is LEGIT. His mixes are PERFECT for your dance fitness events. If YOUR SKILLZ ARE ON POINT, invite him to be YOUR DJ at your next dance fitness event and then you can EXPERIENCE what i did. Best believe there will be PLENTY of DFLEX and DJ Heyden Sensation collabos!

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